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The days of headhunting firms are long gone. IT professions are becoming increasingly complex, making it more and more difficult to distinguish between candidates' technical skills and the needs of SMEs and start-ups.


You don't want to pay 15-20% of an annual salary and have your candidate leave you after 4 months?  


At 1perTInent, we take your doubts into account and respond to the imperatives of risk-sharing, cash-flow preservation and flexibility.


1perTInent invoices its customers monthly for 12 months. If the person you've hired through our services is no longer part of your workforce, our billing stops, so you only pay for the months in which the candidate is with you! (see the Prices and the FAQs)

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  • How does the one year warranty work?
    1perTInent bills its customers monthly for up to 12 months. If the person you hired through our services was no longer part of your workforce, simply contact 1perTInent with proof of termination. If necessary, our billing would stop. Therefore, only the months during which the employee has been part of your company will be invoiced.
  • Does 1perTInent ask for exclusivity?
    We have full confidence in our expertise. We consider that exclusivity is a reward, a proof of trust from our customers. Rather than monetizing it, we want to earn it through our collaboration and our results with our customers.
  • How long does it take 1perTInent  to recruit?
    To answer that would be to start our relationship on a lie. However, after qualifying the mandate with you, based on our experience, we will be able to give you an estimate.
  • What happens if 1perTInent presents us with a candidate that we already have in our database?
    To this question we usually ask “why is this candidate in your database rather than in your teams? ". There may be many reasons why he or she was not considered or did not respond. But we think that our offer is also to allow you to recruit people who would not have answered you. However, be aware that during our process we are investigating to avoid this type of situation.
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