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Yes, I'm talking to you :) 


The situation we've been experiencing for the past 2 years has brought a lot of uncertainty. Now you're thinking, analyzing markets and looking at trends.


The job market has changed and so have your expectations!


Work/life balance, office/remote work... Recruitment has to adapt accordingly.


At 1perTInent, we'll do our utmost to offer you the job you're looking for, not the one you're dreaming of!


"People think that dreams are made to come true. That's the problem with dreams: they're made to be dreamt" (Coluche)


And trust us, we're not looking for rare gems but just plain people... 


Once you've submitted your application, you won't be alone! Communication and feedback are in our DNA. Regular updates on the status of your application are both logical and essential. 


We'll always make sure we really understand your expectations, so we can support you as best we can in this adventure.

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